Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Intra Success Stories

Over the past couple of weeks, we've been asking you to share your stories of health and wealth, and how Intra and other Lifestyles products have impacted your life.

Through our Facebook page, we've received some great testimonials. I'll share a few with you below:
"I've been a Distributor since 1999, but did not pursue the business until recently. But when I got sick and my friend brought me again in BOP in Pamp, I immediately began using the product again. And luckily, my chronic constipation, back pains and my sinusitis was addressed. I was scheduled for an operation because of my sinusitis but did not pursue because it was healed and that is because of taking FibreLife. It really works!"
- Cecilia Tamayo Pangilinan, Philippines
"I  joined the business last month after my upline Mr Chong introduced Intra to me. I am a very health conscious person and I am very concerned about my family's health and the health of people around me. I have a 5 yr old who used to suffer from a dry cough early in the morning for the past 3 months or so. I brought her to doctor's and specialists to treat her and even bought some medicine from overseas but her coughing would stop for a week and then come back again. After my business partner Mr Chong introduced Intra to me and my family, my daughter stopped coughing a week after she start drinking it. It was a tremendous recovery and I am very happy for that. Today my whole family are drinking Intra."
- Sathyamurthe Subramanian, Malaysia
"I have been a distributor of Lifestyles since Nov. 2000. Even now, I am still amazed how fast INTRA works. It has recently helped a relative who had dengue-platelets. After taking Intra, they were normalized within hours. For the past 10 years my whole family (from unborn babies through my pregnant relatives to my 80-year old mother) has been taking INTRA. The children like it better than any medicine."
- Elizabeth Mijares
Thank you to everyone who shared their stories.

Want to see your story featured on our blog? Email it to me, or share it through our Facebook page. Please note stories may be edited.

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