Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TH October Tour Event Update

More than 130 Distributors from BKK and the nearby provinces attended the BOP on October 17 including Global Marketing Directors Kamonrat, Kitjarak, Prawek, Pornthip, and Sitthipong. International Marketing Director Thanadej also attended as did four National Marketing Directors.

The meeting was a great success and Senior Vice President Paul Kramer made a presentation on health and wealth, building the confidence of Distributors and inspiring them to continue sharing the Lifestyles Opportunity.

Guest Speaker Pharmacist Kulaporn also presented and enhanced attendees knowledge of the products. GMD Kamonrat made a presentation on the business opportunity and a special sponsoring incentive was announced. Attendees also participated in a lucky draw.

The next day, 200 people from Udornthai and nearby provinces came to see Paul Kramer present on the product and opportunity. Seven GMDs were in attendance: Surasilp, Vichai, Boonma, Seksan, Samarn, Wiranya and Supattana. IMD Chatchai and NMD Apinya also came and presented on the business opportunity.

Distributors also shared their Intra experiences, and newly promoted Direct Distributors, Regional Directors and Executive Directors received pins.

National Gala tickets went on sale, and so far, have been a huge hit. Hundreds of Distributors took advantage of the early bird ticket price, and will be attending the event in February.

Congratulations to all of the Distributors who have moved rank, and we look forward to seeing you all at the National Gala in 2011.
Sincerely yours,

Marketing & Communications Specialist
Lifestyles Global Network

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